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General questions

We give two years warranty. Unlike with most other manufacturers, this also applies to the battery. We can do so, because we use high quality battery cells in all our scooters.

If you take proper care of the battery - please check the scooter's manual for instructions - it will last for more than 800 charging cycles. And in case your scooter needs a new battery, get in touch with our service team via the service form.

The following information is intended for those who use batteries or products with built-in batteries and no longer resell them in the form in which they were delivered to them (end users):

Batteries must not be disposed of with household waste. You are required by law to return used batteries to ensure proper disposal. You can return used batteries to a municipal collection point or to your local retailer. As a distributor of batteries, we are also obligated to take back used batteries, although our take-back obligation is limited to used batteries of the type that we carry or have carried in our range as new batteries. You can therefore either return used batteries of the aforementioned type to us with sufficient postage or hand them in directly to our dispatch warehouse at the following address free of charge:

Walberg Urban Electrics GmbH
Alter Wandrahm 6
20459 Hamburg
+49 (0) 40 320 270 8 0

Managing Director: Florian Walberg
Local court Hamburg: HRB 51557
VAT No: DE 154 162 969

Batteries are marked with the symbol of a crossed-out garbage can. This symbol indicates that batteries must not be disposed of in household waste. For batteries that contain more than 0.0005 mass percent mercury, more than 0.002 mass percent cadmium or more than 0.004 mass percent lead, the chemical designation of the respective pollutant is located below the trash can symbol - "Cd" stands for cadmium, "Pb" stands for lead, and "Hg" for mercury.

The models have different ranges, starting with our #RVLTN with a maximum of 20 km, through the xC1, xR1 and xT1 with a maximum of 25 km to the THE-URBAN #HMBRG with a maximum of 30 km. Depending on the distances you actually want to cover with your electric scooter, this is already a good indicator for the right model.

Please note that the specified ranges are maximum values. The actual range depends on a variety of factors (e.g. payload, surface conditions, driving style, temperature).

Order & Shipping

You can choose between Paypal, Klarna and Credit Card (Visa, Mastercard).

You can see the availability of the item you want to order in the web shop directly. In case the article is in stock, we usually send out within one working day from receipt of order. Delivery takes 5 - 7 business days.
Any deviating delivery times are communicated on the product pages.

Shipping is done with UPS, with some exceptions.

Of course, as soon as your order has been shipped, you will receive a shipping confirmation. There you will find your tracking number with a tracking link.

Our scooters are shipped in a double packaging: an outer and an inner cardboard box. We advise you to keep both of them as you will need to pack them into both when shipping your scooter. Furthermore, the scooter needs to be fixed using the appropriate elements.

Both cardboard boxes are designed in a way that you can even charge your scooter without unpacking it. This is particularly handy when you are storing your scooter for a longer period (please do not forget to charge it on a regular basis – see the manual for further information).

If you ever need to ship the scooter, you should always pack it in both boxes and secure it with the appropriate elements.

If you ship the scooter in only one of the two boxes or without the fixing elements, you risk transport damage, which will not be covered by us or the shipping service provider.

In case you want to cancel an order, we kindly ask you to do this in writing. Please share your order and invoice number with us so we can identify your order.

If you have not yet received your order, you don’t need to do anything else.

If the order is already on its way, please refuse the acceptance.

If you have already received the order, please send it back to us (make sure, it is properly packed). As soon as we have received the goods back, we will check it regarding completeness and condition.

Please note that we cannot refund the full purchasing price if the goods arrive too late, not complete or not in a good as new condition. Costs for working hours and shipping costs already accrued, cannot be refunded.

Please make sure you meet the legal terms for cancelling orders / withdrawing from an order or sending back goods.

Technical Support

The brake discs may only be exchanged by a professional. Please get in touch with the dealer you originally bought the scooter from. In case you bought the scooter from us directly, we kindly ask you to use the service form to get in touch with our technical department.

Since this component is a safety-related element, we kindly ask you to follow this instruction and to not try to exchange them yourself under any circumstances.

Da es sich hier um ein sicherheitsrelevantes Bauteil handelt, bitten wir dich, dies auch unbedingt zu befolgen und nicht selbst tätig zu werden.

In case the index finger throttle of your scooter shows you one of the following error codes, find out here how to solve the issue:

Err 5 - error 5 may occur when the brake on the right-hand side is being pulled when turning on the scooter.

Err 2 - error 2 may occur when the brake on the left-hand side is being pulled when turning on the scooter.

Err 4 - error 4 may occur when the plug connector of the motor cable is disconnected. Please check the connection and reconnect the cables if necessary.

If this information did not help or in case you are experiencing a different error code, please use the service form in order to get in touch with our service department.

For safety reasons, the rear tyre of you scooter has not been fully inflated at the time of delivery. During transport, a slight distortion of the tyre may occur due to the own weight of the scooter. To put the tyre back into shape, please do the following:

-Deflate the tyre a little more
-Flex the tyre firmly with both hands
-Using silicon spray or a mixture of water and dishwashing liquid helps you flex the material into position. Apply the mixture to the tyre. This also makes it easier for you to spot the part of the tyre not sitting on the rim correctly or running noncircular
-Before riding your scooter again, please make sure, the mixture of water and dishwashing liquid has completely been taken off the tyre, otherwise this poses a high risk of slipping or falling

In case, this procedure does not help, please get in touch with your dealer or fill in our service form, in case you bought from us directly.

In case your scooter is not charging, please follow these steps in this very order:

-Plug the charger first into the socket and then connect it to the scooter
-The LED of the charger switches from green to red to indicate that the charging process has started. In rare cases this may take up to 60 minutes, which signals that the battery had been discharged heavily or had gone into backup mode

In case, this procedure does not help, please get in touch with your dealer or fill in our service form, in case you bought from us directly.

The new version of the license plate holders are made of flexible rubber and forgive the one or other curb. You can order a new one in our webshop.

If the license plate holder has already arrived defective due to transport damage, please proceed as follows:

- If you bought from one of our dealers, please contact them
- If you bought directly from us, please fill out our service form

If your scooter arrives with a flat tyre, please do the following:

-If you bought the scooter from one of our dealers, please get in touch with them
-If you bought from us directly, please use our service form

Please note, tyres and tubes are consumable supplies and are not covered by warranty.

If the fender of your scooter grinds against the tyre, this does not necessarily need to be an issue with the component itself. In most cases, it is simply caused by some dirt caught between fender and tyre. This is how you solve this issue:

-Use a brush with long bristles to carefully go underneath the fender
-With a soft piece of cloth you can clean the fender from both sides

In case, this procedure does not help, please get in touch with your dealer or fill in our service form, in case you bought from us directly.

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